RANS S-7 Courier


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You can build the S7 as per the manual and end up with a terrific plane. On the other hand, many people have made a variety of changes in an attempt to make the plane fit some specific needs. You can find aircraft that have hadchanges to the baggage compartment, to fuel capacity, the landing gear and much more. Below are just a few changes that Iíve tinkered with. Others have done much more significant mods.

Simple Gear leg Socket Fix††††††


S-7 Assembly Topics(all)


†† Electrical


††† Battery Access Hatch


Panel and firewall accessibility††††††††††††††† More accessible flap handle


What one excellent builder did


Fuel System Modifications††††††††††††††† External Fuel Tanks


Adhoc List of Mods††††††††††††††† Rotax 912 crankshaft failure†††††††††††††††††† Viking/Honda in an S-7S?†††††††††††


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