On Skiis

(98 S-7 582 C box 72Ē Warp 3 blade)

One of the best performing Rans Iíve owned.


Feb 12,04


The cage was built for a bigger tire but the chunk of pine board provides enough of a gap fillerat the top. It also helps to keep the ski more flat on the ground. Shock cords are heavy duty Princess Auto. There are two on each side one single and a longer one looped through the top shckle and back to the ski.

The rear cable goes to a bracket on the wing strut bolt; the front bracket is on the lower motor mount bolt. Sad to cut holes in that nice cowl.

Iím really proud of this baby. The basic pan is made from an aluminum shovel from CTC with a few additional pieces to replace the handle tunnel and make it look more aircrafty. The tail wheel still functions normally on hard ground. And took only Ĺ a day to build.

And this is what makes the flying this time of year tolerable: hot water heating plumbed with copper pipe into the rad lines. Again thanks to Princess Auto Aircraft Supply. Iíve heard copper isnít used in aircraft because it is less tolerant of vibration. Maybe Iíll put a deflector over this so leaks wonít get me in the crotch.


Below is the laser pointer prop pitch tool. The machine screw is used to turn it on by pressing a button on the side pf the pointer cartridge which fits in the ĹĒ hole in the block


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